IDFA 2017

Review by Melanie Goodfellow, IDFA

British-Tunisian filmmaker Claire Belhassine’s feature The Man Behind The Microphone revolves around her discovery in her 30s that her grandfather, Hédi Jouini, had been one of Tunisia’s most revered popular singers – a sort of intellectual, Tunisian Frank Sinatra...

Dubai International Film Festival 2017

Review by E. Nina Rothe, Huffington Post

"‘The Man Behind the Microphone’ is a beautiful, touching, well filmed and perfectly written recounting of a family’s problematic history, and Belhassine takes us, her audience on a musical journey, accompanied by her soothing voiceover and intimate home videos that tell a story of time, place and misplacement."

Cairo International Women's Film Festival 2018

Review by Ahmed Shawky,

"'My love is changing and renewing', and other songs that have shaped the concept of contemporary Tunisian music heritage in the Arabian ears from the ocean to the Gulf, all of which One man, El Hadi El Guenyi, is an exceptional and important talent in the Arabic music that everyone knows..."